What a Great weekend I had with my dad and Hubby at American Tactical Concepts, if you are thinking or wanting your CCW this is the place to go and get your certificate, OMG!!! the things we all learned and How it was taught to us was AMZING!!! I love the one on one time we got and the class was so fun that you could not have learned. I was scared to take the test’s but when it came to the paper test, We knew the answers all because the way they taught us. when it came time to go to the range to shoot, SO COOL!!!!!!! Jeff and Will made you feel so comfortable & confidence that we all shot well and our whole class got our certificates, it doesn’t matter if you have had years of shooting or like me I only shot a gun once in my life, or age my dad will be 80 years old in December, I / We want to thank Jeffery Hickling and Will Evans our Instructors for their time, and knowledge mostly their passion for wanting to make this a better and safer world. they have a lot of different classes and I’m looking forward to taking another one or 2, again THANK YOU !! Thank you so much Jeff & Will I’ll be back LOL Jan Cochran
Jan Cochran

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