Basic Shotgun

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for the beginning shotgun enthusiast who has already purchased or is considering their own shotgun. It consists of classroom time, with a live fire portion.

What can you expect?
Ammo, shotgun rental, and range time are included in this course. You will have the option to select any shotgun from our rental dept. to try free of charge.

Students will learn how to properly handle, store, clean, transport, and fire upon moving targets with a shotgun. Range time is more involved than the first steps class, there will be a written test at the end of the course.

What materials will you be provided?
NRA completion certificate (Satisfies range safety requirements at most clubs and ranges)
Basics of shotgun shooting handbook
NRA basic firearms training program brochure
Gun safety rules brochure
The Course Outline:
Shotgun safety, parts and operation
Three fundamental safe gun handling rules
Three major shotgun parts and their function on different action types
Safely demonstrate how to handle a shotgun properly
Ammunition and shotgun shooting fundamentals
Determine proper ammunition for your shotgun
Three types of cartridge malfunctions
Determine dominant eye
Explain fundamentals of shotgun shooting
Explain range commands and procedures to follow
Discuss eight NRA rules when shooting and storing a shotgun
Reiterate all five shooting fundamentals
Safely shoot a moving target from the standing position
Shotgun cleaning, storage and training
Identify materials needed to clean a shotgun
Outline safety guidelines when cleaning a shotgun
Demonstrate proper disassembly and cleaning of a shotgun
Explain how to store firearms and ammunition properly
Identify shooting sports, activities and further training opportunities